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I am wondering what would be a good build for the games coming out this upcoming year
This is just for reference, so that means no budget. Please don't overdo it though (quad crossfire 7970's for example)

My current build is:

Intel core i5 2300 overclocked to 3.4ghz
MSI P67A-GD53 Motherboard
2 XFX Radeon HD 6770 1gb (Crossfire)
4gb of ram that came with my old computer (definitely need to upgrade)
Hyper 212 Plus CPU Cooler
Silencer Mk11 950W Power Supply
1TB HDD (Thinking about SSD)
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  1. Well you have a pretty good setup there for a bit. If I was going to upgrade things than I'd look at:
    * z68 based mobo to get Quick Sync (not gaming improvement, but overall improvement for encoding)
    * 2500k for the CPU upgrade, not that you don't already have a good CPU, but just saying.
    * 6950 - 6970 GPU upgade(s), depending on budget.
    * SSD only if you want faster loading times, your 1 TB HDD would do for most things anyway.
    * Upgrade your monitor to 1920 x 1080 at least, this will give you more to work with and also take advantage of your current X-fire setup.

    Currently I think you have a decent setup, so not sure if your currently having issues, but most people would like a similar setup to what you have (minus maybe the 6770's in X-fire).
  2. umm.. BIOS updated and move to the i5-2500k or i7-2600k

    Add SSD by cloning and bamm.. hot new system
  3. what's cloning?
  4. And thanks lunyone, I'll keep what you said in mind
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