P4p800-e deluxe cpu test failed

Hello, I had this motherboard for more than 5 years. Recently I found one of the channel on the sound was not working. I installed a SB card so I don;t have to use the on board sound. After installed, I turned the computer on it has no video and my CD drive had no power. Finally it announces on the speaker that "System Fail CPU test"

Would someone help please.
RH tiger
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  1. check if you did not unplug a cable on the board by putting the sound card in ,cpu fan connector
  2. Replace cmos battery and then disable onboard sound in bios.
  3. Hi, All, I found out what was problem. The ATX12V1 connection had popped out enough there was no connection. pushing the connector in solved the problem. Thank all for helping. RH_Tiger
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