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Hey their guys whats goin on? Soo.. i unfortunately have an issue at hand =[. I just finished build my new rig about a day ago and just today i started to recieve an error. This error when booting up "CPU fan error Press F1 to resume". The thing is it does this about 2/5 times i turn on my PC. Sometimes i get lucky and just turn it on and have no issue. usually when i get the error i have to wait about 30-45 seconds and then the CPU fan automatically turns on and stays on, im sure of this because i do check my core temps when im browsing the web or playing a game as it does not exceed 48C. Currently i am using the Stock HSF and will be replacing it next week. As for now i just want to know what may be going on because it is frustrating knowing that this happens most of the time i boot. I forgot to mention i do have a Cool Master HAF 932 case and it does come with 3 additional fans that do ALL work upon booting up, just not the CPU fan.

MotherBoard:Sabertooth Z77
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500k (Quad)
PSU: Seasonic 750W
SSD: Intel 520 Series 180 GB
RAM: 2x4GB G.skill(with heat dispensors)
Optical Drive: Normal Asus OD
Case: Cool Master HAF 932
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  1. Change your BIOS to Halt on all errors to Halt on no errors or only on KB error. Sounds like you fan isn't spinning up fast enough and the BIOS doesn't detect it's going fast enough, or you have the HSF plugged into a header other than the CPU fan header.
  2. I changed my BIOS setting for the CPU fan to "Ignore" I can successfully pass the Boot up screen. Unfortunately like i said it still takes 30-45 seconds to get my fan up and running completely. Also i did have another question, Is it possible that once i replace my HSF with the new one will it stop taking 30-45 seconds to completely run? Also in response to having it plugged into the wrong fan header, i have it plugged into the 4 pin header that's labeled CPU fan! I really hope you can answer my question. Also i really appreciate you taking the time and helping me. :ange:
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    I can't say for sure "Yes" or "No" a new HSF will emulate the problem, but I've never heard of it and think maybe the current HSF is fouled or gummed up somehow and a new HSF will alleviate the problem.
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