Replace integrated graphics in laptop with external card?

Can i solder connections from an external graphics card to the inputs on my inspiron 1764's motherboard as a graphics upgrade?
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  1. No, if your lap doesn´t include any kind of expansion slot(pci, agp or more likely MMX) , and in the case your laptop accepts expansion cards it becomes specially hard to find a card that fits in your system, since there are just a few cards for laptops, and even if you find a god one, you must be extremely careful as these cards can defeat your batteries in only some minutes! belive it or not....
  2. Dell Inspiron 1764? Graphics upgrade?

    No way. Impossible.

    98% of laptop do not allow you to upgrade the graphic card or integrated graphics. Those that can are generally gaming laptops which starts at $1,500+. Not all gaming laptops will allow you to upgrade.
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