Which PSU for my rig?

Hey guys well im about to finish my rig and i just a need some help with my psu i dont know which one should i get cause i want to try a Sli or a Crossfire in the future but not right now so this is my rig atm and my choices for the PSU:

Motherboard: Asus 970Evo ( i want to get a Sabertooth 990fx in a future possible)
CPU: AMD FX-8120 i want to overclock at 4.2ghz i think is possible but im still making some research
Ram: 16gb from kingston hyper x T1 (1600mhz)
Cooler: H100 from Corsair
SSD: Vertex 3 OCZ 120gb
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB
Video Card: ATI 6970 CUDA 2 from Asus
Case : NZXT Phantom or Corsair 600t
DVD: Dvd burner from Asus

Well this is all my rig atm and maybe ill get a blueray and fans and some lights bla bla bla.

And my choices are:

OCZ 850w Fully Modular Gold for $160

Corsair TX850w Bronze $128

Corsair HX750x Silver $139

Corsair HX850w Silver $162

OR should i get a PSU with less watts or search from another brand im just wanna try to get the best psu from price performance and maybe an upgrade in the future.

Sorry if my english is not the best
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  1. 850W is overkill, you can run a 6970 on 550W.

    But to be safe a 600-650W PSU should be sufficient.
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    ^^ While its not very obvious in the post, they stated that crossfire/SLI is intended in the future!! For SLIing 6970s I'd recommend 750 watt minimum.

    EDIT: Below information is useless if you already own the parts! ++ Still if you want to SLI those 6970s you had better act soon while there is still stock available. Otherwise just upgrade to a new card(s) later on

    Also, if you wish to SLI in the future, you are going to have to buy a more up-to-date Video Card -- either the AMD 7000 range or NVidia 600 range. 6000 series radeons and 500 series GTX will not be available at all in a few months time!! So I'd recommend a Radeon HD7950 or HD 7870 as a good replacement for the 6970!!

    Also, OCZ SSDs are prone to failing. (source: my Vertex 2 is still out for repairs at only a year old --> and I'm probably one of the "lucky" owners) Buy an Intel SSD and you can be pretty much certain that it won't fail!
  3. Thanks ukee yeah ill get the 750 watts and replace my 6970 for a 7950 and ty for the advice on the ssd but i just got it like a week ago so im hoping that works well becuase i was undecided to buy patriot, crucial, ocz, intel or mushkin.
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