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Belkin keeps dropping connections to wireless clients

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February 7, 2011 9:32:58 PM

Basically i got a belkin(on a tight bufdget) wireless n modem(f548633) last week. and when i first set it up it was fine except it disconnectiong everytime ia setting was changed on it and taking ages to reconnect to it.

anyway in the last 2 days its started dropping connections to anyone using the wireless. thing is it doesn't completely disconnect it just goes down to around 5kb transfer but when trying to acces the router through IP it doesn't load unless i disconnect and reconnect. i could deal with this at first as it was once every few hours but now its happening every 5 minutes. i plan on sending it back but thought i'd have one last ditch effort at working this out. my security log shows alot of ACK sends to my IP.

02/07/2011 23:26:08 sending ACK to
02/07/2011 23:26:08 sending ACK to
02/07/2011 23:10:15 sending ACK to
02/07/2011 23:09:01 sending ACK to
02/07/2011 23:08:55 login success
02/07/2011 23:08:53 sending ACK to
02/07/2011 23:08:49 sending ACK to
02/07/2011 23:07:37 sending ACK to
02/07/2011 23:07:37 sending ACK to
02/07/2011 23:07:37 sending OFFER to
02/07/2011 23:07:37 sending OFFER to
02/07/2011 23:07:36 sending OFFER to
02/07/2011 23:07:36 sending OFFER to
02/07/2011 23:07:36 sending OFFER to
02/07/2011 23:03:22 sending ACK to
02/07/2011 23:01:33 NTP Date/Time updated.
02/07/2011 23:01:06 Can't find NTP time.
02/07/2011 23:00:52 If(ATM1) PPP connection ok !
02/07/2011 23:00:51 ATM1 get IP:
02/07/2011 23:00:44 ATM1 start PPP
02/07/2011 23:00:44 If(ATM1) PPP fail : Timeout in CHAP negotiation
02/07/2011 22:59:46 ATM1 start PPP
02/07/2011 22:59:46 If(ATM1) PPP fail : Timeout in CHAP negotiation
02/07/2011 22:58:50 ATM1 start PPP
02/07/2011 22:58:50 If(ATM1) PPP fail : Peer terminate
02/07/2011 22:58:48 ATM1 start PPP
02/07/2011 22:58:47 If(ATM1) PPP fail : CHAP authentication failure
02/07/2011 22:58:35 ATM1 start PPP
02/07/2011 22:58:35 ADSL Media Up !
02/07/2011 22:58:32 sending ACK to
02/07/2011 22:58:12 sending ACK to

any input would be great thanks guys.

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a b F Wireless
February 7, 2011 9:51:46 PM

The model number you gave is not picking up any Belkin product on Google.

Anyway, how does it perform if you connect the computer to the router (assuming that's what you mean by modem) by ethernet cable.
February 7, 2011 10:40:52 PM

oh sorry its the f5d8633
the router is in a differen't room to my pc due to where our phone lines are in the house and i can't use that room as it's my sister's i was thinking of buying a really long ethernet cable and doing it that way as i always prefer using a wired connection instead of a wireless.

i may have identified why it's doing it
it tends to happen when im using a jdownloader ( a download manager for downloading from sites like rapidshare) which i've never had this sort of problem with before. i also changed my wireless channel at the same time as turning jdownloader off as we have a fair few wireless routers in this area and i haven't had the problem since. i'll run jdownloader now and see if it happens again.
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a b F Wireless
February 7, 2011 10:49:28 PM

Sounds like you're on the right track -- most problems with wireless routers are to do with wireless. This might help:

You should try to optimise your reception and avoid interference.

1) raise the router above furniture level
2) Experiment with channels (some will work better or worse depending on your environment)
3) If you can detect strong neighbouring wifi, use a channel 5 stops away from strongest.
4) Relocate cordless phone base or video sender etc.
5) Be prepared to move the computer (or at least turn it so your body is not between the router signal and the wireless adapter's antenna.
February 7, 2011 11:24:06 PM

well so far hasn't cased any problems so im guessing its wireless interference.
i generally hate using wireless but don't have an option at the moment. if i have any more problems i will update.
haven't had an ack send in over an hour while Ack's should be sent they should'nt be sent that often as far as i know.

thanks for your help so far fihart.
February 8, 2011 7:29:03 AM

getting closer to the problem. not getting floods of send acks which im guessing was due to wireless interference. had a good 12 hours smooth but i started a download in steam and the connection got reduced to 5kb's and i coulden't access it through IP. so the problem is with heavy dloading. ive tried my isp's recommended mtu 1432 and the router default 1454 both do the same.
im getting around 1.4MBps when downloading. so my question is what can be causing a router to get overloaded when heavy downloading
a b F Wireless
February 8, 2011 7:35:54 AM

Check the MTU setting in the router -- default is 1500 -- I can't remember whether you reduce it in steps of 10 or 100 but there are programs like TCPOptimizer which may offer guidance. Also turn off Denial of Service protection in the router (temporarily).

See what happens.
February 8, 2011 8:02:40 AM

so far so good raised the mtu to 1500 seems the max for my router though the router itself suggets 1454. TCPoptimizer says i can recieve 1472 whitout them being fragmented and im ok to set it to 1500 dloaded 2gb at around 1.3MBps just now and its not reduced yet. im dloading a 16gb file som im sure it will be put through it's tests
a b F Wireless
February 8, 2011 8:19:10 AM

Actually I think the idea is to reduce the MTU if you have problems.

But, whatever fixes it !