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Hi i have a computer that was running fine for a year or so, but now its been a couple of days and after an hour or two of use, it slows down and finally freezes. I dont know what it is. The clues i have include:
-ive run memtest86, no errors.
-ive scanned the whole system with 4 different virus programs, so not a virus.
-but ive noticed that rundll32.exe has been using ALOT and i mean ALOT of resources. After a couple hours, norton tells me that it has high disk and cpu usage. i checked core temp and voila, 100% on all 4 amd phenom 955 cores. I dont get it. Please help me.
Specs are:
Amd phenom 955 be
4 gb crucial 1333
ati 5450
1tb hitachi hdd
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  1. Where is the location of the process runddl32, right click on it under task manager.
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