Realtek installs but doesn't appear in device manager


Motherboard: P8z68-V-LE Asus
GPU: GeForce GTX 460
Hard Drive: 1TB HDD
OS: Windows 7 ultimate x64
CPU: Intel i5-2500k
PSU: 750 watt
RAM: 8GB Kingston DDr3
Me: frustrated

I recently encountered an issue were my sound suddenly stopped working. I went into device manager to see whats up and noticed all my sound drivers are gone. Realtek high definition audio driver appears in Programs and Features but not in Device Manager. the little speaker in the bottom-right hand corner of the desktop displays "no audio output device is enabled" in playback and recording devices it just says "no audio devices are installed". Iv'e always used Realtek high definition audio and never had a problem with it. I've checked all wires, plugs, connections, all is good. tried updating Intel Chipset which did nothing to help and were the correct versions. Downloaded most up-to-date realtek drivers that my manufacturer recommended, still didn't work.

I recently formatted my hard drive in hopes that this would fix my problem, sadly it did not. Iv'e searched more then 20 threads with no luck. Microsoft and Asus keep telling me to update or check connections, which windows update doesn't find anything.

I'm at wits end. my last option is to just get some cash and buy a sound card. anyone have an idea what could be wrong? NOTE (This happened when my brother was playing crysis on my computer, he claims that power went off suddenly and when he restarted the computer when power came back, no sound, could my onboard sound have been fried)?
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  1. Possible, you could have had a power surge and the surge passed through the speakers to the sound card.
  2. My speakers work fine, i tried them on another computer, but can this mean the sound card is done?
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    Possibly, since I can't think of what else to try.
  4. I'm quite sure it is, since even virtual sound drivers don't work. I'm just gonna fork out some cash and buy a dedicated sound card. thank you for the reply.

    also how do i close a thread?
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