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Pc boots then shuts down

Hello, im having problems with a new pc i have just built. it is my first build and tbh i'm no expert but i have had it running for about a week. then the other day i went to start it and it starts for like 3 seconds then restarts again there is nothing coming through to the monitor so it doesnt even get to the BIOS screen. i had this problem when i first built it but i had taken everything out and back in again and it was fine. one of my friends says its the ram the other says motherboard can anyone help please?

intel i5 2500
gigabite z68ap-d3
gigabite GTX 560
4gb g skill X x2 (8gb)
segate SATA III 500gb
nzxt phantom enthusiast case
win 7 64bit
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    and i am thinking it is psu. mobos and rams don't develop on and off symptoms.
    Something might be shorting circuits in your case.
    Which psu you got?
  2. i have a OCZ MXSP Series 700W 80+ PSU Modular Single 12V Rail 135mm Fan SLI Certified
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