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Best $200-$250(Aus) Graphics card for i7 2600k

Hey guys just in need of some advice. I am currently building a new pc for video editing and programs such as After Effects and also some gaming as well as everyday use, but mainly vfx. So here's main the specs:
-i7 2600k
-8gb G.SKILL 1600mhz RAM

The problem im having in deciding on a card is i need it to be flexible, mainly vfx but able to keep up with the latest games.
I am considering an ATI 6870 but i think a nvidia GTX 550/560 will do a better job. I get my parts from
Im looking to spend about $200-$250 AUS. Suggestions welcome, Thanks
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  1. At $230 you can fit in the GTX 560Ti

    Or at $260 you can fit in the 6950

    Both GPU's perform about the same though, so going with the cheaper of the two makes sense. 500w PSU is recommended for both.
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    The 6950 can be compelling because it uses 25-30% less power than the 560 Ti while pushing out the same gaming performance.

    However, the GTX 560 Ti will probably work with the video editing stuff better than the 6950 because Nvidia's GPUs have CUDA acceleration which is currently superior to AMD's Radeon 6000 series GPGPU accelerations. AMD makes huge leaps up to Nvidia is this field with their upcoming Radeon 7000 cards but the $200 or so cards might not be out for another month or two.

    Basically, the 560 Ti is the better current option for your more professional work while the 6950 would be a better for your gaming. Overall I would have to recommend the GTX 560 Ti over the 6950 because of your non-gaming work.
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