Need upgrade on my current system

I have been using my dell inspiron 531 for almost 4 years. And i want to spend a little bit of money to upgrade it so i can play Starcraft 2 at medium setting. Here is the spec for my dell inspiron 531

I am expecting to spend no more than $150 bucks

please help!!
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  1. I would visit Newegg's site and decide on a video card/PSU combo that fits that budget. Highly recommend upgrading the OEM PSU when using discrete graphics.
    Later on you could upgrade the RAM, as well, max it out. With these 3 upgrades you will have a new PC.
  2. Adding a graphics card to the PCI x16 slot is likely your best option.

    However the build spec you listed only has a 300w PSU meaning your options are fairly limited. I also have no idea if your PSU has a 6pin PCI connector in order to actually power a PCI GPU.
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