GeForce 560 Ti? Good for my computer?

So I was looking at the GeForce 560 Ti, but I am completely unsure if it will run on my computer (as I am new to the whole video card thing).

I have looked around the forums, and kind of have an idea. I just want to make sure it will work exactly with my computer due to my lack of knowledge on the subject.

This is my computer:

I recently upgraded my power supply to:

I can give more information as needed.

My budget is around $250.

The main game I want to run is WoW on ultra settings, portal, left for dead, etc.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. Your Power supply should handle it without issues. and the Motherboard should work fine too.
  2. Yep.
  3. I find it odd that your mobo has 3x2g of ram despite being dual channel :P

    But it will most likely work nonetheless (why is that one word?)
  4. "Most likely" is not what I want to hear when I dish out $250.
    Haha just kidding.

    Well this is good to know, I thought it would work, but some people said it wasn't compatible with my motherboard.
  5. The only problem i could see is if the chipset on your motherboard does something weird, but i don't see why it would.
    Everything else checks out.
  6. You have a Nvidia Mobo so why did that person tell you the Nvidia 560 ti wouldn't work? I wish I had reserched more about the gpus I would have bought the 560's ti instead of the 550's ti. It is a good card you will be happy with it
  7. Well someone said something about my processor I think? I don't remember
  8. People use AMD Cpus and Nvidia cards or visa versa. There won't be any problems.
  9. Just wait a few more days for the new version of the 560ti , it should be worth having a look at the new model
  10. Yeah I'm waiting for the 448 core.

    What is this stuff about getting two of them? I mean I want good graphics, for Portal or wow or w/e.. but I don't think I want to get two cards.

    When I decide to get a new computer I will most likely build it with way better features. As of now though, what should I do? I mean I will not be playing games like Crysis haha.

    Metal Orient - What would be the problem with my chipset?
  11. honestly the only thing that might hold you back is that procs clocks, but even then i expect you to be able to play games like crysis on high/med @ 1920 x 1080

    and about using an SLI config, just dont even worry about it for now, if later you find the performanc elacking, upgrade the proc and after that if it isnt performing up to par just grab another card :)
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