Upgrade from sandy to ivy for price of a heat sink and junk

hey guys, a friend of mine wants to buy a lot of my computer gear, including an old hard drive, case, i5-2500k, z68 gigabyte mobo, 8gigs of ram, zalman heat sink, case lights and fans for about $500

basically I am getting rid of some things that are laying around, and parts from my main system.

I can upgrade to an Asus rogo mobo, i5-3570k, and replace the ram for about the same price. basically I can upgrade for the price of a heat sink and get rid of things that are taking up space in my house.

I know i5-3570k isn't much an improvement over i5-2500k, but I really would like native PCI-E 3.0, native USB 3, integrated graphics (if I upgrade in the future I might want to use as an htpc) the added functionality of an rog board, micro atx form factor, UEFI, a board that supports integrated graphics, mSATA. basically features I missed out on with my gigabyte board and future proofing.

should I keep my i5-2500k or go ivy for the price of a heat sink which I plan on replacing anyway
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  1. Seems like a simple decision to me. You know you're not going to get a great performance improvement but your friend's going to buy the parts off you that you're not going to use anymore, why not upgrade.
  2. you do realise that a gtx 680 can't saturate a pci-e 2.0 slot, let alone a pci-e 3 slot.
    Z68 boards do already support on board gpu's.
    I'd save my money and enjoy plenty of years out your great set up.
    Wait for haswell chips.
  3. I'd go for the upgrade. A whole new computer for the price of a hyper 212+ seems pretty simple choice to me.
  4. +1, improvements are improvements and if its at a low financial cost, I'd say go for it
  5. Not a reason in the world not to do it. You aren't going to see any huge improvements over what you had, but hey, you get a brand new build with the latest stuff for little cash layout. It's a no brainer have fun!
  6. turns out I'm doing a build for a family member, so I get for free stuff
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