I5-2500k... a confusion??

I've recently upgraded to a i5-2500k from an Athlon II X4 645. This is the first personal intel build I've done for myself. I have spent a huge amount of time with AMD and almost none with Intel, especially with overclocking.

Now I've got questions because some things are not consistent between the two companies.

First- Temps. My previous Athlon II x4 645 was cool. I slapped an Arctic Freezer 64 on it with Arctic Silver 5 and it idled at room temperature (16-17c) and never exceeded 35c on Prime95. All the cores stayed within one degree of each other and the heat was generally even.

I notice my shiny new i5-2500k is so much hotter despite lower power use and similar TDP. I put a CoolerMaster Hyper N520 on it (what I think is a better cooler), and it still idles in the 30c area and goes as high as 42c under Prime95 (all stock settings). That and my cores are all at different temps usually. Core #0 is the coolest, Core #1 is close to it, and Cores 2-3 run about 2-4c hotter than the others.

I've tried undervolting- It passed 29 hours of Prime95 at 1.01v, but the temps were only marginally better. Like 1-2c better.

Is uneven temps normal for Sandy Bridge Processors?

Is it normal for them to idle at higher temps and run hotter than AMD chips?

Can I not hit room temps at idle with air cooling? Are my temps to high for this cooler? (CoolerMaster Hyper N520)

What are safe temps for Intel chips? They similar to AMD's?

And for overclocking, I've gotten 4ghz at 1.1vcore and I'm now in the middle of running Prime95 for 24 hours on my 4.5ghz overclock at 1.25vcore (its been 8 hours and the hottest its gotten is 70c so far and that kinda scares me).

What are the usual voltages an i5-2500k needs to hit certain frequencies?

How much vcore do you think I need to pump into this to get 5ghz?

What are the 24/7 safe Vcore settings for Sandy Bridge?

What is considered a good overclocker when it comes to i5-2500k processors?

Oh, and one final thing: I've never seen my processor at 3.3ghz at stock settings. It stays at 3.4ghz almost 100% of the time it is not in idle, even in Prime95 for 29 hours. If not that, then higher. That's good, but is that normal for everyone?

Thank you for your time. My system specs are:

CoolerMaster Hyper N520
Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
G. Skill Sniper 2x4Gb 1600mhz
WD Caviar Blue 640gb
OCZ ModXtreme 600w Modular PSU
Rosewill Smart One Case
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  1. 42c under load is fine, mine hits 55c under prime for few hours, with a 4.5 overclock.
    4.5 is a good clock for 2500k, and voltages vary from chip to chip, some clock better than others, it's all about bumping voltages slightly, till get stable clock.
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    think about the physics of idling at room temp.

    Chip temp has to be greater than case temp (as case air is cooling the HSF) case temp has to be greater than room temp.

    I'd suggest that your idling at room temp is therefore a mis-read perhaps the sensors read low etc.

    Also as the 2500K is probably smaller than the 645, although the energy being put into is less its more difficult to get rid of hence raising the temperature.
  3. Tom's Hardware should do a test , CPU Temp vs motherboard reported CPU Temp.
    Mine seems to be too low (CPU temp) very close to room temp. I updated MB bios and cpu temp went up 2C, so they must have messed with the calibration in the new bios. Or is the CPU doing the reporting?
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