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I'm building my bro a semi-gaming PC on a budget, atm the Antec one looks pretty good to me cause I can pick it up here in Aus for like $60, but the side panel is what I'm concerned about. See my bro wants to do an Avatar (last Airbender not blue dudes) themed case and on the side where the normal 120mm vga fan is he wants to cut out the 4 elements using a dremel tool, but because the fan grill is already there we'd have to weld a new piece on or something. This leads to my questions:

Is it possible to take the back side panel of the case and place it on the front?
Is it possible to get a side panel for the case without the fan mount/grill?
Is there an alternative to the Antec one you would recommend that has the same features set? (USB 3.0 front panel, room for cable management behind mobo tray, bottom mount PSU etc)

I think the Abosulte max he would go is $100 but prefer to stay around $60-80 for the case (AUD) The sites I'm using atm are aussie retailers and
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  1. Yes I think it would possible to exchange the side panels; I did it with my old case.

    No sign of one after a quick look at Antec's website.

    Cubitek XL-Tank $80
  2. You can never go wrong with the Antec 300.
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  4. Almost forgot I had this thread lol, thanks guys for the replies, Uther39 that case looks amazing and we very almost went with it, but my bro's ideas for his mod are growing and I think were going to go with an Antec one hundred and just cut into the flat side what we need. It doesn't have front panel USB 3.0 though so I'll have to use an adapter instead which isn't to bad because I realized I had one lying around that fits a 3.5" bay. Considered going with some other cases like the three hundred but want one with black interior to (prob should have mentioned that at the start)

    When the build gets started I'll be posting a build log with loads of pics I'm hoping this will turn out to be a pretty cool design (Though in terms of performance this will be a mid range build)
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