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Alright, I'm going to try and do this by the 'book' and answer all questions up front right away about what you'll be 'working with'. This build is not complete [hence the help request]. I'd also like to ask to please refrain from asking me why I bought one item over another. I'm almost positive that what I've bought here will make no sense to some and I'm also sure that if I had asked for help in the beginning, I could probably have saved a few hundred hairs.
I bought this all in anticipation of building a new computer because I've finally landed a job where I can afford it [irrelevant personal reasons] and its my first one.

I take full responsibility for being a dumbass should anything go wrong.[:fisshy:2]

Case: COOLER MASTER HAF 932 Advanced (Dimensions: 22.70" x 9.00" x 21.50") (Cooling: 1 x 140mm rear fan, 1 x 230mm front red LED fan, 1 x 230mm top fan, 1 x 230mm side fan)
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
Motherboard: MSI 890FXA-GD70
RAM: G.Skill Sniper [2x4GB]
PSU: Corsair CX600 V2

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: I want to make this purchase as soon as I can. This week would be ideal but I'm not sure how Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals fare for video cards so let me know upfront if I should hold on till then for your recommendation.
BUDGET RANGE: (e.g.: USD $150-250) [Before / After Rebates]: Honestly, thats a tricky question right now since I'm looking at an SSD as a boot [Crucial M4 64GB @ $119.99] so around $150-$200 ($250 MAX)
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  1. sosofm said:

    Nothing personal, but I kinda need some better advice than just to read 7 reviews. Why should I pick it over another brand of 6950? What does this have that a 6970 doesn't? Does nVidia have a similar card for cheaper? I'm trying to put some serious thought into this because it's going to last me at LEAST 5 years.
  2. Start here:,3067.html

    Narrow down your budget a little more closely, then come back.

    And because sosofm mentioned it, here is jsc's primer on How to Read newegg Reviews:
    newegg reviews can be very useful. You just need to know how to read them.

    First, total the one and two egg reviews. If there are more than 20% or at most 30% bad reviews, skip the product.

    Then read the bad reviews. They will fall into three categories: those written by newbs and "don't have a clue" people, those who found shortcomings that may or may not apply to you, and those that indicate a truly bad product. Pay close attention to the second and third categories.

    If you see 100% 5 eggs ratings, you are looking at review inflation. People buy something and it works. Then they give the thing 5 eggs. As far as I am concerned, "just working" deserves an average 3 egg rating.

    Here's a good example (personally relevant to me) of review inflation: the 81% 5 egg rating for the Antec 900 case (one of the first "gamer cases - excellent cooling). It is also a dated design - lots of screws. I would give it no more than 4 eggs because of the truly awful cable management. And I own three of them - all modded ... for better cable management.
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