Tech Specs for the Live! AUD_EXT riser

I have a SB Live and I want to add a baybus with a headphone and a mic jack on it. If anyone knows a way to do this without rewiring the jacks on the card, I'd like to know. The only idea I thought of is below.

I noticed on the Drive Live that there is a headpone and a mic jack. It connects to the AUD_EXT 2x20 riser, and assuming that the headphone and mic are kept analog does anyone know what pins they are? If its all digital I guess it can't be done. I know that there are a lot of circuits on the live drive itself, but I assume that these are for the SPDIF etc, and not for simple things like the hp and mic. Any ideas?

(I guess I could use aux in for the mic)


Save me jebus!
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