Need to build 2 Office Computers - Looking For Plans

I own a small business and we recently expanded into a new larger office and will be needing two new fairly basic but competent office computers. I dont really have a set budget but ofc less is more.

I prefer intel processors & Win 7. These computers do not need to be set up for gaming, I assume the i3,i5,i7 onboard graphics would suffice.

Thanks in advance for any build ideas!
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  1. Look for something like this:

    Core i3 with 4GB ram
    250GB HDD.

    A computer with those specifications should cost around 300-400.

    You might also want a decent LCD screen, I find a lot of companies skimp on a smallish 17" screens which is not horrible, but definately would be better to go with at least a 19" screen.
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