Need help with this cheap quad gpu build

I simpley want a quad sli/crossfire build for no reason other then to do it.

Please dont tell me to not do what I want to do just help me do it, If you cant help please dont post:D

I want to build the cheapest desktop that I can with 2x of these cards, 4870x2,gtx 295's, or 9800 gx2's, I will buy 2 of what ever card we pick of ebay.

Need to know what the cheapest setup I can do to not bottle neck these cards.

Need everything except monitor and keyboard mouse, 25inch samsung 1920x1080.

Would like to stick with amd's older cpus the cheaper the better.

Will be playing a few games on it other then that not alot. Its a im bored build.
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  1. Is this a serious build and something that you intend to actually build? Are you also considering the GTX 590 and 6990 or are they too expensive.

    PowerColor AX6870X2 2GBD5-2DHG Radeon HD 6870 x2 2GB 2 X 256bit (256bit) GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity

    There seems to be a shortage of 4870x2 , 295's and 9800gtx2. This is what I could find at newegg.
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