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I have just purchased an ASUS Pz68-V pro/gen3 motherboard
However, the SATA connectors are badly positioned - i can not get any leads in without the lead being pushed overly hard against the hard drive caddy when i close the case.

Noway am i getting a new motherboard, so any suggestions as to a (not expensive) case i can get hold of in the UK?
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  1. might help if you tell us what case you DO have... lol
    what is your budget? My opinion of expensive is different than a lot of other people, so a solid number would signicantly speed up the time for replies in this thread.
  2. I've just ordered on of these: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Inwin-MaNa-Tower-Gaming-Support/dp/B00652EJHC/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1326755686&sr=1-1

    for my latest build. Insanely good for the low price. many features you would normally only get in very expensive cases.
  3. Check Bitfenix, they have awsome budget cases
  4. All prices in USD

    Fractal Design Arc Midi $99.99
    CM Storm Enforcer $89.99
    Lancool K57 $59.99

    All three offer great cooling, USB3 internal front ports, 2.5 SSD cages.

    Can't really recommend any less expensive as I haven't really looked much into the Sub-50 category.
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811139008 Is a nice case, simple, nice lines, plenty of wire hiding room, LED's can be turned off with a switch on the front panel.
  6. CM Storm Scout will always get my recommendation for a "budget" case. Very spacious inside with nice features and good fan placement options. Not to mention it comes with front, rear and roof fans already installed.

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