Nvidia 8600 GT overheat and fan adjust help

Hello i wanted to ask about my ASUS NVIDIA 8600GT and its overheating problems.
Its the 512 mb of ram ddr2 version.I have Winodws 7 ultimate aero theme on and when i try to run games like Wow my game loads and screens goes like blue and nothing happening no sound.Im using the 280 version drivers from nvidia.my pc specs are:
amd 4000+ 2.1ghz
3gb ram ddr2 800 mhz
300W psu working fine tryed with the gt220 works fine but i had to give it back to my friend
This thing has never happened to me before.
My temp goes 70C at desktop and like 80 at games on high and i know this card can handle temps more then 100C so what is the issue and im not using the silent version and im using default passive cooler
And i havent overclocked it and will it help if i reduce the shader,memory,core speed and increase the fan speed by about 200 mhz
help pls and anser and fell free to post what you think about that
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  1. Did you clean it and the rest of the pc allready ?
  2. GreenDutchAlien said:
    Did you clean it and the rest of the pc allready ?

    pc is clean a wistle i clean it once evry 2 days
  3. the heatsink is most probally lose. check the fan and heatsink. remove it and clean it, put new thermal paste on it and put it back.
  4. ok i will try but i will the tempeture be lower if i lower the memory clock and shader clock and core clock and increase the fan speed anser pls
  5. if u overclock ur card ,raise the core clock temp will raise too if u underclock it i think temp will go down a bit.if u cant do anything about it 70 C is not that much its not 100C.
    i have 8600 gt silent beastly overclocking card some 300 mhz i used it as physx card and gt 440 as main card to play mafia 2,benchmark shows nothing ,no fps raise, zero!! after hour of playing i decided to check the load of the 8600 gt and temp.20-30% load max and thts like once in 10 mins when smthing explodes the temp was 110C crazy
  6. dud what you need to is turn off the damn integrated chip and if your psu is 300W or less then i could be that and i wouldnt recomend overlocking any nvidia 8-series card beacause how can i say this,oh yes anything higher then their defaul clocks is just pure crap and kills the video card
  7. weel after seeing some pictures it is clear that my EN8500GT has the default cooler so i will try to resolve the problem and let you know as soon as my new mobo arives casue im using the intel gma 3150 mobo with no pci-e slot so i will have to whait for a few days
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