HP ENVY 14 (First Gen) Overheats on Wake from Sleep *or does it?*

Hi there,

When waking up my computer from sleep, it more often then not restarts and displays the BIOS message that the hardware reached 90 degrees and the computer shut off to prevent overheating.

The fact that is does not happen every single time, leads me to believe that something is in fact overheating the instant I try to wake from sleep on certain occasions.

This problem has been happening since I got the machine. Just installed a new SSD and did a fresh Windows install but this is still happening.

Any ideas? Any other info I can provide?
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  1. More likely the fan isn't kicking in and could be a faulty temp sensor or abug in the bios or any and all.

    Time to give HP a ring and RMA/repair.
  2. :ange: A friend is having a similar problem. He gets a BSOD on boot after a Sleep shutdown. This sounds like the same problem. He has not shown me the fix, but over the phone he says that the HP tech that gave him the advice that fixed it told him: make sure the sleep does not occur with a drive spinning. turn off the drive before the sleep. Else the drive will keep spinning, heat up the PC, eat the battery, and cause the BSOD. There is apparently more than one place to set the drive to stop spinning. One of them was set to NEVER.

    RANT: :bounce: Cant' the idiots who design these laptops test effectively?! Cant they figure out how to avoid a BSOD caused by a setting?! Cant these problems be solved with software?!

    OK. I'm done now. :whistle:
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