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Elder Scrolls Oblivion - serious lag

This is the configuration I'm having:

Core i5 2410M 2.3 GHz
Nvidia GT 525M 1GB

now I'm facing some incredible amount of lag in the game Oblivion, low frame rates etc. I can run Crysis on "Very High" settings and therefore I'm sure that my graphics card is quite capable. I'm having the latest drivers as well.

Am I missing something here?

Please help.
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  1. Do you have any mods installed for oblivion?

    Are you overclocking and what are your temperatures like during gameplay?

    Do you have the latest drivers installed?
  2. Oblivion is a single player game so I'm not sure what you mean by lag.

    Graphics lag, e.g. choppy framerate, pauses, etc?
    Input lag, e.g. slow to respond controls?
  3. Playing Crysis on "very high" with that graphics card seems quite unlikely, unless you are using a very low resolution, and even then, that CPU speed might hold things back anyways.

    The same goes for Oblivion.

    What are the FPS with both games? What resolution are you using?

    It's possible both games have horrendous FPS, but Crysis may not be as unresponsive with the low FPS. I remember Oblivion's mouse movements were very unresponsive at low FPS.
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    For Oblivion, I always had to go to the Nvidia Control Panel and set "Maximum pre-rendered frames" to 0 or 1 to avoid stuttering.
  5. thanks for the replies.

    i installed FRAPS just to make sure how bad the frame rates were, i was getting 11-15 rating consistently which is of course very low. i solved this by using the "ntcore" 4GB thingy. seemed to work like magic! apparently, since oblivion is quite an old game, it uses a maximum of 2gb ram which is what is corrected by the ntcore 'patch'. upon googling a bit i found that these low fps problems were quite common with oblivion and i would highly recommend using the 4gb patch from ntore. i also had to uninstall nero syncup which was one of the preinstalled softwares on my dell laptop and was actually consuming upwards of 1GB of ram! talk about bloatware :P needless to say the fps now hovers around 60.

    about crysis. i'm using a resolution of 1366x768, 720p that is, max res of my 15" laptop. i used to play on "High" settings, until the time I installed all the patches. now of course everything runs fine even on very high settings. the frame rates though i just checked, were a bit low. very high runs at around 20 and high around 40.

  6. It's good to see you got it working.

    I had a feeling the Crysis setting was a result of both low resolution and very low FPS. I've found that Crysis does feel sort of smooth at 20 FPS. It's still way too low for me to use, as I get motion sickness from that kind of FPS.
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