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So Just wondering I heard a m11x got a 7.2 subscore in windows 7?? are you serious...and I go and check out this guys overclocked i7-2600k build and only gets a 5.9 subscore :lol: . can someone explain to me why and how a m11x could get such a high rating? Besides the graphics cause we all know it rocks :p

:kaola: :kaola:
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  1. The thing that allows almost all of the 7+ scores in WEI is SSDs.

    If you just have a 7200 RPM SATA drive then you are probably stuck with 5.9.

    Some striped RAID setups might be able to pull off higher than 5.9, but the easiest way is with a SSD.

    If you have one, you can get into the 7s pretty easily.

    I am guessing that is how they pulled it off (without looking at what the M11X even is).
  2. Ok thanks. Does having a SSD or even having a 7+ subscore mean/describes its performace?
  3. Kinda, WEI scores are a rough guideline, plus never fully trust them from someone selling a PC, as they are easy to fake by editing the WEI database, seen heaps of private computer builders selling machines that have scores of 7.5 -7.8 with really *** hardware in them that would never pull those scores
  4. Haha, yeah I saw a vid on youtube a guy changed his 4.7 WEI score to a 7.9 score. lol
  5. It is a nice number to have and may tell you where your bottleneck is, but it shouldn't really be relied on for anything.

    As for the hard drives, if the 7200 RPM SATA drive is 5.9 then the SSDs should be worth at least mid 7s in terms of data read/write speeds and stuff.
  6. yeah lol
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