New home server build

Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP

Budget Range: As cheap as possible

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Windows Home Server: network file storage, shared XBMC media database, sabnzbd usenet download client

Parts Not Required: Keyboard/mouse, monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:,

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: Prefer an intel system. Gigabit lan and hdds with the w/r to keep up. 4 usb 2.0 min.

Additional Comments: Headless home server running Windows Home Server(not 2011, I would like to use drive extender). I would like 1 internal drive for the OS and 4 hot-swappable sata drives.

Could I do all of that with unRAID? I think that could be a better option.
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  1. I don't have experience with servers but I'll help as much as I can. I think all SATA drives can hot-swap, I've checked on some of my desktops and it always worked. For NAS and such I don't think it will matter if you go Intel or AMD and both AMD and Intel motherboards have Gigabit Ethernet and most boards with both companies have well over four USB 2.0 and/or 3.0 ports.

    I don't know much about unRAID is but I skimmed through the FAQ a little and it seems like a good solution.

    I don't know your exact performance needs but I can assume a quad core is ideal here but I think it wouldn't matter too much whether or not it was an AMD Phenom II or an Intel i5/i7 quad core.
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