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Hi guys I found this as the most powerful way to get some understanding about computer systems. As you can tell I dont have a good spelling but whatever.
My question will be,, whats the best gaming set up that I can build for 2012 I would like to go with Intel and a good water cooling system since I m planing on overclock as much as i can, Budget is no a problem. I would like to have two video cards as well some ssd please let me know. and I was looking at some beautiful pc cases but I know that I may have to moded my self to make like one of the one million dollar pcs. Full Tower of course.
I was thinking on the Lian 1200v or the Murdebox but I know that one I wont be able to get so please Help I wold appreciate good advices
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  1. without specifying a budget....things can get out of hand very quickly...

    for instance you could easily spend $600-800 on a case, $800 per video card, $1000 on a cpu...etcetera.

    i'd suggest coming up with a number.

    as far as specs go...generally speaking:

    i7 lineup
    high end mobo, i like triple channel
    6gb+ ram
    normally i take one step down from the top of the line vid cards
    at least a 60gb ssd for boot, hdd for data
    psu to specs. corsair puts out a nice product
    antec 900 if cheaping out, corsair obsidian if not.
    watercooling by danger den

    as far as making your pc look really nice.... it doesnt take a huge amount of money just tons of time. be prepared to buy special length cables and manufacture your own power cables. some of the more....unique....examples i've seen are highly impractical. trying to replace a part in a few i've seen would take DAYS.
  2. Thank you SSDDX
    ok I will say I have around $5000 just for the tower, my last gaming rig was $4200 but back those days my video card HD5970 was around $800 alone, but if I have to spend more than that its ok as long is no like thousands and thousands of dollars more. as far as Video card probably for 2 I will say between $1100 to $1500 and the water cooling I was looking at some products form germany I know by the time i get the water cooling together it will be around $1200 if i have to import that whole set together.
    but still thanks for your help any more ideas?
  3. that is quite a large budget.

    this means that you can pretty much pick top tier parts so i wont go any further in that aspect.

    as far as cases must decide how much you want to mod. there are cases out there which run about $800-1000 which are meant for liquid cooling and might give you a good start. however, it is a much better idea to build the loops to suit your parts instead.

    with two high end cards and a high overclock you might need to use larger fans if you want to go with watercooling. based on the research i did when i was looking into it just a normal i7 system with a single video card required 5x120 radiator area. this means that you could be up into the 7-8x120 realm. or you could go with the high end radiators/larger fan radiators.

    personally i dont think its worth importing any parts. use what you have available unless you live where parts are hard to come by.

    sites to check out relating to water cooling: , dangerden ,
  4. I live in USA its just that I personally haven't see a really nice outstanding water cooling system and they seems to be 5 stars on those systems. about the case I love that Lian li 1200v Unfortunately now with the usb3.0 that became a lil obsolete. so gotta look for a different one Murder-box wants $1600 for a custom made case but that overpriced $800 for a case its ok a lil over-killing but ok. $1600 is to much, and yea high radiator will be what Im looking for. Now if is not to much to ask to you guys what will be a nice set up?
    Can you point the part number that I should buy (links will be even better) lets leave the water cooling along since I believe im going to order something like this unless you guys have something nicer.
    thanks in advance!
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  6. Please Help I need to start working on this!
  7. ok i hope you don't mind tigerdirect or newegg, well since you got like a huge budget so then we will be going overkill with your setup ^_^

    Chassis: 349.99$
    Cooler Master Cosmos II

    CPU Cooler: 99.99$
    Corsair H100

    HDD: 502.99$ x4 = 2011.96$
    Western Digital Cavair Black 2TB

    Processor: 1049.99$
    Intel i7 3960X Sandy Bridge E

    Mother Board: 469.99$
    ASUS Rampage IV Extreme X79

    Memory: 2,999.99$
    G.SKILL Ripjaws Z 64GB (8X8GB) 2133Mhz

    SSD: 2,173.99$ x 2 = 4,347.98$
    Intel SSDSA2BZ300G301 710 Series 2.5" Solid State Drive - 300GB, SATA 3Gb/s

    Video Card: 729.99$ x2 = 1,459.98$
    Diamond HD 6990 Quad Crossfire

    Keyboard: 139.99$
    Razer Battlefield 3 Keyboard

    Mouse: 109.99$
    Razer Mamba New Edition 6400DPI

    Sound Card: 399.99$
    M-Audio ProFire 610 Firewire Audio Interface

    Monitor: 679.99$ x3 = 2,039.97$
    cer HN274H bmiiid 27"

    ODD: 965.99$
    Blu-ray Drives

    OS: 299.99$
    Windows7 Ultimate

    it should cost you 16,745.79$ that is without any extra charges,

    since you did say your budget for the tower is 5,000$ so i expect you to have similar or close to it for the other parts, oh this is without watercooling as i don't know how much it would cost you but overall this is a good set up but on the expensive side, i think you might need 1 more PSU though not sure yet
  8. I dont mind at all, I'm been saving money for this almost 2 years.. Now I just dont wanna make mistakes like last time, wen I build a system for $4200 and I wasn't satisfied I may be spend more this time But I wanna get it right. I was looking at this mod and I have some Ideas to make it look original keeping this concept
  9. well let me double check their compatibility ^_^ but im pretty sure almost all are compatible just having 2nd thoughts on the sdd oh and i chose 6990 as quad which is better than 7970's but well if you can afford, the ASUS ROG MARS II quad SLI
  10. Thank you for your help some times wen you get to this point If I need to borrow a couple thousands more I wont care. No that I'm a rich person but this the only thing I spend money on lol .
    And I believe I will goo 2 ATI 7970s
    Just the Tower its ok. I have a nice raZer mamba almost new G35 Keyboard almost New 2 32" 1080 LED screens and 1 42" also 2 27 LEDs Screens
  11. actually you and i think the same, im also getting the same stuff, but the things i dont need are, monitor, keyboard, mouse(got those i listed there) optical drive, hard drive, ssd, and the rest im getting ^_^, im not rich but i manage to save up a huge amount of money these pass few years and also by selling and stuff
  12. Same Here BTW I dont think I need to many HDD since I m going to buy the two 300gb and 1 1tb storage
  13. yeah that will do, but well a huge amount of storage can last you really long, but same here i currently have 3 1tb seagate hdd, on this pc well i'll just buy a 2TB western digital caviar blank it should be enough,
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