Best ATI card for my comp.

My problem it is impossible to find out, what board do I have in my Acer aspire M3201. The Spcts are:

AMD Athlon II X2 240
Acer RS780HVF 780G chipset. AMI Bios version: R0-C0.
ATI Radeon HD 4650
6MB DDR2, 800mhz.

Can anyone advise, what's the best graphics cards for my computer. Acer customer service says its Nvidia 9600 GT. I'm not sure about that...
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  1. Lol thats acer customer service for you the 9600gt is outdated and for the most part aside from ebay is unavailable

    beyond that there are much better options for a modern probably something along the lines of a 5770 (6770)at most.. id also start ocing your cpu which is weak or look to upgrade to something along the lines of a p2x4 955

    psu make and model?
  2. You will be limited by the PSU in your system, unless you decide to upgrade it also. If your PSU is less than 250W, then you would not be able to install anything strong enough to be worth the upgrade. If it is 250W to 300W, you should be able to run a HD5570 or HD6570. If it is 350W, a HD5670 or HD6670 should be safe. Anything stronger would be too bottlenecked by your CPU to be worthwhile.
  3. Acer customer cervice said, that the best cpu is phenom 9550. I don't know what to think about this.. I'm not sure that my am2+ mobo works with phenom II? Atleast cpu should have 95 wattage.

    I'll upgrade the psu to XFX 450 w. That for sure.
  4. The 9550 is a Phenom I. An AM2+ mobo would normally be able to support a Phenom II (like the X3 720BE; I've done it on two AM2+ boards), but may require a BIOS update, which Acer may not provide.
  5. Agreed with the above person, 6670 is probably the top card you will be able to get... Maybe with the 450w you could get the 5770 or 6770, which are decent mid ranged cards. I would personally just save your money for an upgrade, but if you are dead set on just getting a new graphics card, and you have the 450w, I would say 6770 is your best bet. But like jtt283 said, it might be bottlenecked by your cpu
  6. bottom line dont listen to Acer customer service, they are idiots... likely a 5670 (6670) is the type of video care you are looking for if your psu can handle it although I have a backup rig with a 240 regor oc'ed to 3.6ghz and a 5770 and it does quite well at 720p and there is little bottleneck other then the fact that you will be held back in games that need a healthy quad but that is no gpu bottleneck
  7. I built a "how low can you go" project PC a couple years ago that started out with a low power 4850e (one tier below the OP's 240) and a HD4670, and the CPU was definitely the bottleneck at 1440x900.
  8. Would it bottlenect so badly with p I 9550?

    The balance is important.
  9. I mean would HD 6670 bottlenect if cpu i pI 9550?
  10. I flashed the bios with update, that dates 06/04/2009. I'm not sure if it helps with p II combatiblity question, atleast tried.
  11. I don't think a 9550 would bottleneck a HD6670, especially as the resolution increases.
  12. ^agreed
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