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This is $529 refurbished Dell (Optiflex 990). Is it a pretty good deal? If not, can you recommend something for me?

Need computer for all the normal stuff plus daytrading. I don't think I need anything fancy. Don't really plan on gaming too much. I just want something good-quality, but not overboard.

•Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 processor (6MB Cache, 3.1GHz)
•Genuine Windows 7 Professional
•OptiPlex 990 Small Form Factor
•500 GB SATA II Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
•3 GB DDR3 NON-ECC Memory 1333MHz SDRAM (1X2G/1X1G)
•8X DVD ROM Drive
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  1. Sounds pretty average as far as refurbished PCs go. Small discount maybe.
  2. I ended up getting a refurbished Dell XPS 8300 for $589.
    I've seen people get lower prices, but I don't see how it could possibly be a bad deal.

    I7 2600 Processor $300
    500 GB Hard Drive $100
    Windows 7 $100

    Already up to $500 in parts not counting anything else.

    Comes with 8 gigs memory.
    Crappy video card (Nvidia GT 530)
    460W Power Supply
    All the other basic computer stuff.
    1 year warranty.

    I'm not in to overclocking & if I get the bug to play some more modern games I'll buy a better video card someday, but I prefer to buy cheap old ones. They seem new to me.
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