Crysis graphic issues

I've recently aquired a Dell XPS730 (Q6600 OC@3.25Ghz, 4GB DD3 1333Mhz, 2 x HD 3870 corssfireX (Bios, Drivers and CCC up to date), 1000W PS). My overall benchmard on 3DMark Vantage is 9152, my Graphic is 8501 and cpu 11878 (don't know if I should be getting higher scores?).

I tried playing Crysis and no matter what level I set the graphics, I always get distant items (trees, water, mountains, sky) flashing continuously! Can anyone help?
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  1. Also, my MB is nForce 790i Ultra...
  2. update the game
    try other games to make sure its the game, not the card.
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