I lost performance in my Graphics card after one day?

Hello, I recently purchased an PNY Nvidia 560ti 1 GIG OC2 Graphics card primarily for Battlefield 3 and Skyrim. The day of the installation I was able to run Battlefield 3 on Ultra settings in 32 player servers. It was smooth as butter! Caspian Border was the first map I tested in a full 32 player server with this card. I was right in the thick of battles with Helicopters, tanks, and chaos swarming everywhere. I pulled of something along the lines of a 27 and 6 kill death ratio because it was running so well.

Well, the next day I load in and I no longer can run in Ultra. Anytime I look towards a battle or where there is a lot of activity I just lag out for a certain amount of time. I never crash though.

What in the heck happened? I've checked drivers and uninstalled/reinstalled them. Does anyone have any idea why I lost performance?

I did run a 3DsMark11 benchmark, could that possibly have stressed my GPU? I run my fan speeds at 65% when I play games.

My System Specs:
6 Gigs of 1066 DDR2 Memory
AMD Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition 2.6Ghz Quad-Core Processor
PNY Nvidia Geforce 560ti 1GIG OC2 Edition
800Watt Thermaltake Powersupply

Please note, I run the game in a 1280x1024 resolution. I don't have a flimsy flat screen monitor, I have kids and those little rascals kept touching the flat screens and breaking them.

Thanks for reading! Any advice is very much appreciated.
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  1. Bump.. :(
  2. might be the cards driver? Did you look if your driver is up to date? Sometimes the one on the disc that comes with the card is out of date..
  3. It seems I have the latest driver which is 285.62.
  4. Is your fan speed locked at 65%? I would set fan profiles in EVGA Precision/MSI Afterburner etc. to ramp up before it overheats.
  5. Yes, I've set my GPU fan to 65%. It reaches around 44C under load.

    I've turned the AA settings down to 4x and Anisotropic down as well. I also set the ambient occlusion to saso or whatever and it seems to be running on Ultra like it did when I first installed.

    Still makes me wonder why it ran Ultra with all of the settings Maxed the first day I installed the card.

    Ah, well I guess I can deal with this! There isn't much difference in quality from 16x to 4x.
  6. Normally I would say not enough VRAM sounds like the issue, but at your resolution it shouldn't be a problem at all.
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