3570 or 3770

I'm trying to decide on which of the new Ivy Bridge CPUs to get, I have enough money for either but mainly want to know if getting the 3770 will give me much of a performance difference over the 3570? Also will the 3770 give me more "future proofing" over the 3570?? And finally which of the CPUs would give me the most when gaming???

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  1. Since few games have more than 2-3 active threads at once and not much progress is expected to be made there in the foreseeable future (if game developers have yet to figure out how to smoothly make their code leverage more than two cores over the nearly 10 years since the first multi-threaded/multi-core CPUs were introduced, it seems unlikely they are going to figure it out overnight), there is little to no benefit to having an i7 over an i5 for gaming.

    i7 is effectively a niche for people who do 3d modeling/rendering, FEA and other highly parallelizable tasks.
  2. Agreed, for primarily gaming go with the 3570 and spend the extra money on a bigger SSD.
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