master or slave

is it better to have your cd burrner set to master
also would it be good if i put my dvd and hard dirve on the same ide line
and could pelase tell me why it is beeter to do one or the other
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  1. There are several schools of thought on this.

    One says always put hard drive master and cd-type drive slave (assuming 2 hard drives, a dvd and cdrw for example). Basically the idea here is to keep your CD-ROM on one channel and your CD-RW on the other so you could copy CDs without having to make a hard drive image first... otherwise you risked buffer underruns and stuff like that when doing direct CD to CD-R copying. These days this isn't really much of a problem anymore...

    The other is hook all your UDMA devices to the same channel, such as all UDMA66 devices to one channel, and slower ones to another... I've heard that putting a UDMA66 device on the same channel as a UDMA33 or PIO device will slow it down to the speed of the slower device, but I've also heard that this doesn't happen.

    For what it's worth, I've got my UDMA66 hard drive as a single drive on the primary IDE, and my UDMA33 CD-RW (10x/4x/32x) as master and my PIO mode 4 CD-ROM (48x) as slave on my secondary IDE channel, and don't have any problems.

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  2. thanks for tyhe response
    dose anybody else knowi f one would be better than the other
    i would like to figgure it out by wednesse day becuase i have some ram coming and i only want to open up the cas once if possible
  3. If I correctly guessed from your post that you have in your system (1) hard drive (1) cd-rw and (1) dvd drive, I would reccomend setting the dvd to slave on the hard drive ide and setting the cd-rw to master on the other ide. If your setup is different than I guessed, tell us exactly what you have in your system.
  4. yep that what i have
    1 cd burnner
    1 dvd rom
    1 hraddrive
  5. strange...

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
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