GPU advice

just built a phenom rig, 965
4 gig ripjaw
xfx 650 psu

what would u guys recommend as a half decent graphics
card for playing games on medium/high settings.
price range 150-200

monitor size 23 inch hd phillips.
os havnt bought a new one yet so it will be xp
for the time being, pc is for games only
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  1. Hi :)

    150 WHAT ?

    Roubles, Yen, Drachma ???

    You get the point.... this is an INTERNATIONAL SITE....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. 150 - 200 pounds GPB
  3. proxygo said:
    150 - 200 pounds GPB

    all the cards below are within your stated budget


    GTX 460 / AMD 6850


    GTX 560 / AMD 6870


    GTX 560ti / AMD 6950
  4. tell me in all honesty as the old pc im on uses
    a gforce 8400gs from 2007 on a single core amd 2.2

    moving upto a quad 965
    would i notice difference between 560/570
    and is the price jump from aprox 140/180 pounds GBP
    worth the jump upto 240/260 pounds GBP for a 570
  5. your old PC is ancient so anything modern would be a noticeable difference. it really depends on your monitor resolution. i'm guessing your 23" is 1080p so yes you would notice the difference between a GTX 560ti and 570 if you want to run games max. if you are willing to adjust some settings to high from very high, the GTX560 / AMD 6870 is fine.
  6. but ude go the extra mile for 570 right ?
  7. if the extra cost won't affect you then the GTX570 would give the best performance.
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