GeForce 9600 GT

I want to get GeForce 9600 GT cause it has good price and my maximum desktop resolution is 1280x1024 only.
And my psu is 400 watt
My psu is somekind cheap one sio im not sure if i should risk it with the stronger one.
Should i risk it ??? :??:
But there are two different 9600 GT cards one requires 400w and other one is a weaker one with only 350w

And also how much FPS will i get on GTA IV and Crysis with max graphics and 1280x1024 resolution ?

And i dont want to upgrade my PSU for now...
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  1. 9600GT only needs 60 or 70 watts. You PSU should have no problem powering it.

    However, I suspect that you will be limited to either low or, at best, medium settings.
  2. in max graphics your fps is 10 to 15fps.
    What is your specs?
  3. My specs are :
    Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2180 Oc'd 3.0 Ghz
    ASUS P5B Motherboard
    2x1gb DDR2 RAM
    Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT OC'd But i think it broke because my games freeze and light blue lines go across my screen and i can go into only Safe Mode :(
  4. Hi
    I was playing GTA SA with ENB and all of sudden my PC froze and blue lines went across my screen....
    I restarted my PC but when the Windows XP logo showed up i could see some little blue dots in spaces of white color :O
    So after that it showed the blue screen and restared
    Now i went in Safe Mode and there were blue lines going down vertically
    After 20 min they turned red and stayed like that

    I dont know if it is my Graphics card or my monitor ???
    My Graphics card is Geforce 8500 GT oc'd BUT it never went over 77 degrees celsius
    So im not quite shore what is it.....
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    Blue Lines
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