New display shows pink instead of Red

I recenlty got a new Samsung display. Well, the color Red is pink instead.

I did a search for "color red" under google and compared my Haier display, the new samsung display, a white macbook and a sony vaio. All notebooks, as well as the Haier monitor, showed a perfect red on all the diferent photos....the samsung showed a clear pink.

When changing the Green/Red balance, If I put 30 points more torwards green, the red gets perfect. However, the blue turns to purple if I do so. I noticed right after that if I put 30 points torwards red, the blue gets more blue....than I changed back to 50/50 and compared blue on my notebooks/display again....turns out the blue is more purple than blue in the samsung display as well....

So clearly, some calibration if off. Perhaps is hardware limitation, perhaps a I can do something in the settings. Hopefully this is a know problem and there is a ready solutuion..

Basicallly, I would like to add more points to both colors at the same time....
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  1. Take it back and get another one. Don't play around with it you could mess it up even more. Or call the people who you got it from and tell them what the problem is and see what they say. Any way that is what I would do and I am not saying you can't fix it yourself or tinker with it but it would be the easy way out. Good Luck
  2. If possible, try it with a different monitor. If the red comes out ok then you know it is the new screen. Return it and get a new one as stated above. It could just be some technical issues due to shipping or getting banged too hard.
  3. do not wait rma defective monitor
  4. Is it an LED display?
  5. Yes its a LED display. Yes, I tested with a Haier monitor, and the red came out perfect.

    Honestly, the display is not defective, it was certainly manufactured this way. I dont need to return it. I need to tweak it, if possible, at most. If for some reason theres nothing I can do, Im still happy with it.
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