what's better, a plextor 161032 or tdk 161032??

i'm deciding on which one to buy
ihear they both have basically the same technologies
only the tdk has faster music ripping

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  1. “only the tdk has faster music ripping"

    Depends on what kind of software you will be using for that. My 32x Pioner does the same speed as 40x Plextor with MusicMatch Jukebox - 7-8x to .MP3 @ 320 kbps and 4-5x to .WMA @160 kbps (very noticeably better sound than MP3 even with the lower bit rate and smaller file size), so drive will not matter much, maybe 10-20 seconds for the whole CD, but that is so irrelevant. As far as burning going, they might be the same. I had 1 Plextor drive replaced cos its fan went loud. Otherwise, 5-6 minutes to write a CD is nice to have. I do 3-4 in a row sometimes, so to be done in a half an hour with all my needs is a cool thing. Music writing… I am never going over 8x with it anyway, just to keep it in bestest quality.

    Post, we'll do the search... :wink:
  2. burning music at high speeds (16,12,10) generally
    have lower quality than burning at 8 or 4 speeds?
  3. it's very hard to notice it, i mean very hard.

    Anyway, if you know all that stuff, why you are asking about the choice? You can decide pretty much yerself, right? :smile:

    Post, we'll do the search... :wink:
  4. Does the TDK have Burn-proof?
    What´s the TDK price tag against the Plextor?

    One thing is sure , the Plextor is known for its quality!
    TDk? They just started making CD-rw drives! They make good
    media, but i wouldn´t trust them just yet on the Hardware

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  5. You have brought up the right idea. Both TDK and Plextor have "burn proof". Both are the same price range. I found a couple plextor (for the record 16/10/40)cheaper than the TDK's. I have a plextor it is wonderful as fars as TDK I would find some one that has one to see what they think.

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  6. Actually they are both 16x10x40
    and the TDK does not have the fastest music ripping
    The TDK ripps at 32x
    The Plextor rips at 40x
  7. Ripping and reading are two entirely different things. Ripping to mp3 is also processor dependent. Ripping to wav is a more accurate measure of digital extraction, due to no/low compression.
    Though either way, I bet you'll be happy with the performance. There's something about 5 minute cd's that makes it all worthwhile....
  8. As far as I know they're the same drive. At least they were the same drive with the 12x10x32. The only real difference is in the bundled software and the price. The TDK ships with Nero 5, and a TDK version of MusicMatch. Plextor ships with all Adaptec software and now music software that I know of. The TDK's are a little more expensive because of availability. I've got TDK 12x10x32 and I love it.

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