Win7 boot time tripled.

So Skyrim crashed hard (whats new). Screen went black w/ a smattering of artifacts, and the system rebooted itself. Its the only game this happens in. Since then, Win7 takes 3 times as long to boot (jumped from ~18sec to ~54sec from power-on to desktop). No new software/hardware installations. Brand new system built end of Nov. BIOS/Drivers current to mid Dec. GFX cards stress test fine (unigen, furmark 12hrs) individually (only one in the PC at a time), and in xfire -- never breaking ~55c. CPU and RAM stress tests fine (Prime95 48hrs) never breaking 44c and 38c, respectively. Everything liquid cooled (refrigerant + compressor, technically), stock clocking. Also, an odd symptom: the startup sound doesn't play until after I do something (typically open a program and then alt+tab or win+d out), sometimes taking several hours before it triggers. Any ideas?

Win7 x64 on
ASUS Crosshair V Formula
AMD FX8150 Stock Clocked
16GB GSkill Ripjaws X PC2133 Stock Clocked
2x Radeon 6970s xfire Stock Clocked
1x Seasonic 1000w Platinum
2x 120gb OCZ Vertex 3 Pro SSD RAID 0
2x 1.5TB WD Caviar Black RAID 0
Some Crappy Recycled Burner (LITEON I think)
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  1. Sounds like you tested most components thoroughly. The first part that caught my eye for questioning was the OCZ SSD. Run "some" benchmarks on your array, (sparingly of course). See how they look, and if your fed up testing everything you could break down the array and reinstall windows on just one SSD and see if the problem persist. Shoot even might want to install the OS on the HDD to see if the problem persist. At least you might be able to narrow it down to the SSD/RAID0 and/or something else.

    Of course this would be a last resort, but it sounds like you are testing everything else pretty well.

    Curious what Drive is Skyrim/Steam installed on?

    SSD benchmarking tool if needed - ATTO -
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