4870 upgrade to crossfire?

I currently have an ASUS HD4870 512 and I was looking at picking up a second one to run in crossfire. I was just wondering if anyone had any information on FPS gain in a game such as battlefield 3. I saw in the battlefield 3 card reviews that the newer HD series cards were getting a substantial increase in performance and I want to know how much, if any, increase I could expect.

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  1. i hear bf 3 is bad with crossfire currently...and 4870 is old by now...just sell it and get a 6950 for 200 bucke on ebay
  2. I'm considering the upgrade to crossfire due to the really low cost ($40-60). I run at about 25-30 fps right now on my single card and I only really want another 15 or so more. If I can do that without spending $200 it would be great.
  3. for battlefield 3, u wont even have a 15 fps gain :/ im getting like 20-30 in most locations with my 4890, will buy 6950 soon :)
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