I'm probably being stupid, but how do I search this forum?

I cant find the button. The main search at the top of the screen returns articles etc.

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  1. The search at the top of the screen returns relevant article headings, not content, so you have it right, that's just how it works.

    If the "OK" button itself is not there, try reviewing your AdblockPlus settings if you are using it.
  2. You got it. That's the search function, but it isn't the most user friendly. When you use that search box, there are filters that you can choose (news, articles, forum..etc).
  3. I just made a new thread, without seeing this one...

    Please tell me there is another way to find my moved post! All i got was...

    "mousemonkey has moved your thread called "Need a bit of help..." in the following sectionSystems"

    !!! :/
  4. It's in the Systems sub-section. It's the 4th one under the Hardware section.
  5. I'm sorry but the search function is extremely poor, one should be able to at least whilst viewing a particular forum be able to search just that forum.

    If you try searching on AMD Phenom you will not find the message you refer to above - sorry this just does not work. :fou:
  6. We are hoping the new platform will have an improved search function. :)
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