How we can change computer name using command prompt

HI please share the solution how can i change my compter name using command promet or using registry keys please do need full :non:
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  1. Open up notepad, paste code below and save with VBS extension, now run.

    sNewName = "put new name here"

    Set oShell = CreateObject ("" )

    sCCS = "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\"
    sTcpipParamsRegPath = sCCS & "Services\Tcpip\Parameters\"
    sCompNameRegPath = sCCS & "Control\ComputerName\"

    With oShell
    .RegDelete sTcpipParamsRegPath & "Hostname"
    .RegDelete sTcpipParamsRegPath & "NV Hostname"

    .RegWrite sCompNameRegPath & "ComputerName\ComputerName", sNewName
    .RegWrite sCompNameRegPath & "ActiveComputerName\ComputerName", sNewName
    .RegWrite sTcpipParamsRegPath & "Hostname", sNewName
    .RegWrite sTcpipParamsRegPath & "NV Hostname", sNewName
    End With ' oShell

    MsgBox "Computer name changed, please reboot your computer"
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