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SLI causing Shut Downs, New PSU?

I had some problems with my last PSU and got an RMA, I just installed the new one. Though this new one isn't overvolting like the last, I can't play any game for longer than 90 seconds...

That is with SLI

If I remove one of my video cards, I'm able to bump up my game time up to a good hour or so (hour is an estimate as I haven't tested gaming for longer than that time frame, though if I play in Stereoscopic 3D on a single card, the maximum timeframe is 8 minutes)

Is this really a problem with my Power Supply unit, or are there some settings I can adjust between the OS, BIOS and my video settings to allow me to play games in SLI again?
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  1. No information to go on....system components ? PSU wattage, name , model ? CPU temps ? GPU Temps ?
  2. OP: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    MB: ASUS M4N75TD
    HD: Intel 80 GB SSD Primary Drive
    Samsung 1TB 7200 rpm Game Drive
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X6, 3.2GHz
    RAM: 6GB, DDR3-1333
    GPU: 2 Nvidia Geforce GTX 470s in SLI
    Audio: Creative Labs X-Fi Fatal1ty Champion Sound Card
    PPU: BFG Ageia PhysX 100 Series Card
    PSU: Kingwin Mach 1 1220w
  3. Are you running the system with the Ageia Physx card?
    Didn't know they were still supported, try taking it out and see if the SLI works fine without it.
  4. Someone else suggested that in another thread on a separate forum, and I did try it to find no change.

    I still keep the Ageia PhysX card around as I made a hack for it to work with modern PhysX drivers.
  5. Did the system ever work well with SLI before the RMA?
  6. monsta said:
    Did the system ever work well with SLI before the RMA?

    It did, before my PSU started overvolting...
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    My guess is that its the PSU again , you are going to have to RMA it again.
  8. Actually, I just bought a new one from a more reliable company and have not had any problems yet!
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