Should i get the i5 2500k or the i7 2700k for gaming?

Should i get the i5 2500k found here:

or should i get the i7 2700k found here:

this is for pure gaming and price does not matter! so which one will be better for gaming?
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  1. Save your monies and get an I5 spend the difference on a cpu cooler and oc that bad boy. Much much better value for monies.
  2. Ok well what CPU cooler should I get?
  3. The best for price is the coolest master 212 plus (or 212 evo -newer model, comes with additional fan clips) I've seen 5ghz i5's on those things.

    Cools my oc'd 960t running at 4.6 ghz x6 core amd to 50degC!
  4. OK thanks for the quick reply! but for gaming which one is better because i will be able to get the 2700k and the 212 EVO it doesn't matter what the price difference is though.
  5. i5 2500K
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    No worries, well the 2600k will max it on pretty much every setting, the 2700k is just overkill! But it's sure as hell future proof for years to come, also good for any encoding you may do. Again, accounting for any future possibility the i7 is an awesome cpu.
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