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Nvidia GTX 560 Ti SLI Problems

System Specs:
AMD 1090t 6 core
16 GB OCZ Reaper DDR3 1333
950W Corsair PSU
nvidia(Yes nvidia brand) 560 gtx ti x2
Intel SSD (Unsure of Model/90GB)

So I have tried a multitude of things, I did 3 fresh installs of current graphics drivers, have tried beta I believe 285.79, tried the WHQL Release and previous driver Don't remember name.

It will not allow me to change the settings in the nvidia control panel whatsoever, just says SLI disabled. The only thing I have been able to do, is allow the onboard mGPU to be my physx processor.

Previously I had 2x EVGA 260 GTX in SLI with no problems. I did some google work, and found no solution, someone mentioned CoolBits but it doesnt have Win 7 Support...??? Is there anything that I can do to get my cards to work in SLI (The single card itself works great, however it has some problems running Skyrim on Ultra and lets face it, 2 of them would easily crush it at 1080p)

In my BIOS the only option that I knew what to do was to turn on the hybrid SLI.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Did you try to change the SLI bridge ? Each card works perfect individually ?
  2. Each card is recognized/works on its own. I do not have a bridge because it caused massive artifacts with my previous cards. I do not need the bridge for the 560's do I? From all that I've read it was the older cards that needed the bridge, but nonetheless I can go to the local comp shop to see if they have one tomorrow.
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    Are you kidding ? You can't have 2 cards running in CF/SLi without a bridge connecting them.
  4. Yes you can, I did it with my GTX 260's just fine until I replaced them...
  5. From the 200 series and Up, SLI won't work or even detected without the bridge installed. If you were running to 260s in SLIwithout a bridge, then probably they were not working in SLI mode.
  6. Don't ask for help then be pig headed and not listen. You do need a bridge.
  7. bayside said:
    Yes you can, I did it with my GTX 260's just fine until I replaced them...

    i also want to run without sli bridge.... lol :D
  8. Maybe they were overheating in SLI Mode when you had the bridge on, maybe that caused the artifacts?
  9. I flashed my BIOS, and got a bridge, they now work. Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate it.
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