[HELP]AMD FX-6200 Problem

Hello guys,
I am having a problem with this cpu which is running at 4.5GHz, the thing is the frequencies are always jumping from 4.500ghz to 1.400ghz while I am running
Prime95, I have turned off all the features in the BIOS settings, such as Cool`n`quiet, c16, turbo mode, APM, but its still there, and while running at Prime95 last core seems
to fail alot, and I can only be stable at 1.44v which is high, I am using corsair H80 watercooling unit, does CPU have problems? should I RMA it?

this is my spec

M5A78L-M LX V2

AMD Bulldozer FX-6200

Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz

Corsair H80 Watercooler

OCZ 650watts 80+ modular PSU

help guys what do I need to adjust to make everything stable?
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  1. Have you read a guide online?
  2. amuffin said:
    Have you read a guide online?

    I did read everything, followed instructions, I just dont know where the fault is. because I think overclocking fx-6200 to 4.5GHz for 24/7 it shouldn't reach that voltage,
    or probably its because of the motherboard? i really can't get it -.- . also with watercooling, the temperature goes to 45*c then go back to 22*c its jumping, when its on 45* its on 4.5ghz and when its on 22*c its on 1400mhz i am getting confused of whats wrong with this :(
  3. bump:(
  4. help please
  5. I have this problem all the time with my fx-6200 you've overclocked it, it overheats and then an automatic system makes the mmultiplier go back to 7.0x, it does not happen to me often, it's a problem with the heatsink I believe, the stock one is *** and does not keep seated properly. I need to get a new one too.
  6. Have a friend who built a system a few days ago with the FX-6200, its nice and all, but on his stock cooler at 3.8ghz is just to much for it to handle. He looked at the CPU to re apply some Artic Silver and noticed that the edges of the CPU is not smooth, Matter of fact its so bad that you can literary stick a piece of paper threw the crack of the stock cooler and the CPU. Whats is with AMD and not making the tops of the CPU smooth, I had to Lap my 1100T because even the h100 could not keep it cool at 1.4v 3.9ghz.

    Anyway, we got it to cool down enough to where the max temp was around 55 - 57c give or take, And the CPU would throttle its self to a vary low speed like 1.2ghz or so reported in CPU-Z, and he would get this weird lag in TeamSpeak3 that sound like the Matrix where the movie slowdown, Kinda neat but not the way it suppose to be. We updated the bios on his ASUS Sabertooth 990FX and the throttling issues have been fixed, It wouldn't throttle till around 66C. and before it would throttle a=in the 50C's at any random time, and the thermal throttle was turned off in the bios.

    I always liked AMD for price, but come on now!! Want my top smooth!!
  7. forgot to mention during prime95 my max temp was 55c with my liquid cooling corsair h80 on speed 3.
    FX 6200 CPU
    1600mhz g.skill 8-8-8-24 2 sticks of 4gigs.

    i set multiplier to 22.5
    i set vcore to 1.5
    i set NB voltage to 1.25

    GAVE ME 4515MHz max 12 HOURS ON PRIME95.

    loving my system so far. FIRST BUILD BTW
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