Can you use a 5570 with four monitor


Will this graphic card work on a ASUS Motherboard M4A785-M, can utilize Four Monitor with it? And if so let me know what size power supply that I can/or to use with it.

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  1. you need 350w but a good 300w can handle it . the max resolution is 2560 x 1600 so it depends on the monitor resolution . even if it can display on 4 monitors it wont be able to play games . you could however watch movies.
  2. Amd cards only support up to 3 independent monitors with at least one displayport plus I doubt you will not find any 5570 with more than 3 connections. But you can have as many duplicate monitors as you have splitters. And it's 2560x1600 per monitor. A good 250w can handle it.

    Edit: Starting at the 6770, there are a couple special cards than can handle up to 5. $125
  3. he can't put 2 cards on his board. nice find by the way.
  4. There are the 6750 that have 4 connections but still only supports 3. The 6770 flex supports 4 and there's even one with 5 mini-dp.
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