Overheating Graphic card.

I'm having a big problem.
My Graphic card keeps overheating very fast and then it freezes (Image stops and i keep hearing the same sound on and on 'till i restart),when i play games like,Half Life 1-2,Battlefield,any of them and many many other games.
But it doesn't happen at League of Legends for example.I changed the Thermal paste,cleared the dust,checked for bad airflow,checked the coolers.
The pc is preety low but it's all i got 'till December so...
AMD Sempron +3000 (1.79 ghz)
Instaled memory (RAM) = 1 gb
Available memory (RAM) = 896 mb
(Both RAM are 200 Mhz speed)
Graphic card is preety low and it's a chipset.
Nvidia GeForce 7050 PV/Nvidia nForce 630a (512mb)
And my Hardisk is an Seagate ST316081SAS
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  1. How i know that my graphic card crashes?
    Tested it with Speed fan first of all,55 C GPU Crashes
    Furmark full settings 54 C GPU Crashes again.
  2. i had a similar issue on my Gigabyte P45 Motherboard and a 560GTX TI (i had a HD4850 graphics card before that and never had a problem) all the games i would play, would cause the PC to freeze with a continuous sound loop and/or the screen would just go blank or current game image would just sit there frozen. But once i upgraded to a P67 sandy bridge motherboard the problem disappeared completely. i mean 54c and 55c doesnt seem very high for load temps. Maybe you should consider a sandy bridge upgrade? You can grab a H61 or H67 mobo and a Intel I3 for cheap now
  3. Well i was hoping for an fix that will not eat money right now,i'm kind of low.
  4. By the looks of it you are using an onboard graphics card? Playing those games with onboard is pretty tough, League of legends texture rates are much lower than HL etc so that is why you may be crashing.

    Have you tried looking for new Chipset drivers? They do come out here and there and should be availible on your motherboards website.

    Edit http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us - or search here Geforce > 7series > 7050 > operating system.
  5. Andruna said:
    Graphic card is preety low and it's a chipset.
    Nvidia GeForce 7050 PV/Nvidia nForce 630a (512mb)
    It's very low.
    Look for an inexpensive graphics card.
  6. WR2 said:
    It's very low.
    Look for an inexpensive graphics card.

    Well,if i have to change the graphic card i need to change the whole pc because it's an Onboard Graphic card,so it will get preety expensive.
  7. Dude just get a graphics card non onboard...the card thats on board is used just for basic imagery ( wat u see on the screen ) an add on graphics card will benefit hugely, it will bring down the total load on your whole pc, it will bring down temperature tremendously and you will be able to work better with it in...otherwise you would have to spend more money on upgrading northbridge and southbridge coolers, which is a specialised parts, it not worth it, but a graphics card would be, you dont even need to spend too much money on a card. get like a Nvidia GT 440 or something to that spec.
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