How to repair toshiba a205 with freezing when plug in adapter

please help me
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  1. How to repair toshiba a205 with freezing when plug in adapter.
  2. 220v extension cord makes Toshiba a205 very efficient in which people gets a lot of product related to the Toshiba.
  3. First try a different adapter since many are compatible (19V, 4-5A, 5mm round plug). I have used Dell Latitude adapters with A2xx Toshibas and prefer them for the extra safety of the 3-wire cord.

    If a new adapter doesn't help, the power socket in the computer may have come unsoldered.
  4. Hi all the freezing problem is not only on Toshiba laptops but also some HP and Acer (old models only). the problem is a component on the mother board, you will find that when running on battery it's all good but as soon as you plug in the power supply it will freez, I have a lot of Toshiba laptops, a couple of Acer and HP that are doing the same thing all these laptops are around the same year except the HP which is newer so I can only assume that the maker of the faulty component which has been used on all of these motherboards is at fault so don't blam the maker of the laptop but instead the maker of the faulty component. unfurtuneatly there is not fix for this, I can only say remove your HDD and Ram, put your HDD in a caddy so you can gain acsess to it later then buy your self a new laptop Asus or Acer (new Acer are fine) and bin the the old laptop. I have waisted may may hours tryin to resolve this problem and I can say it is not worth the effort as the result will be the same and in the end the laptop will not charge or work at all, changing power supplies and batterys will not work eather the problem has samething to do with the battery talking to the bios and or windows which is done vir a component on the motherboard.

    Sorry for the bad news
    Cheers Chubb
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