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I plan to upgrade my pc and iam a graphic designer and internet user, i also willing to play the latest pc games. I already have intel core 2 duo 2.4 ghz processor, 500gb hard disk and 19" lcd monitor.
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  1. Motherboard -

    Ram -

    The 8gb ram above assumes 64bit Windows. If you have 32 bit, then this kit will be better. -

    Graphics card - depending on budget - Low - - high -

    The lower end graphics card would be a better match for you CPU as the higher end card will over run it a bit. For the lower end card, you could also get away with a less powerful PSU. Something in the 80 plus 450 watt range with good amperage on the 12v rail. -

    For the higher end card you would need something more like this. -
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