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Help with choosing graphics cards: gtx570

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  1. The Gigabyte card is a better card, if you decide on a 6950 , you are best to get the 2gb version, you will need the vram for the newer games that are hungry.
  2. The gainward will do you just fine if you don't want to spend the extra 40 bux. The 2gb will help you with high resolutions over 1920x1080 and a select few games that will use over 1gb, but the gpu power of the 6950 is slightly slower than the 570 and would be more on par with a 560ti
  3. The 6950 comes up short compared with the 570 (524/873)....the factory OC's 6950 MSI Frozr (484/759) comes up short compared with the with the factory OC'd 560 Ti Asus TOP (495 / 862))

    (XXX/YYY) = fps w/ single card / fps in SLI or CF from Guru3D test suite

    But there's a new player coming in 10 days from now .....
  4. so... get the cheaper gtx 570 over the other cards?

    btw.. what new player? As in new cards?
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    I say yes, the 570 over the other choices you listed. The new player he is talking about is a new design for the 560ti. It will be closer to the 570 in power but a bit cheaper. If you can wait it can perform well, if not the the cheaper 570 is def the way to go imo
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