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We have 6 CAD stations with EVGA MB's and i7-290's. We've been running 12gb in all for over a year without a glitch. Recently with some of the larger CAD files we decided to upgrade to 24gb. Well each machine gets the same memory controller error and won't boot with anything over 12gb. We've returned the 1600mhz memory and replaced it with 1033, on Intel's recommendation. EVGA says it's the processor, but all 6 have the same issue. They came from different lots too. Intel has agreed to replace 1 processor to see if that fixes the problem, but I doubt it will. Anyone else out there have any issues running more than 12 gb with an i7-920?
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  1. with more memory you should bump the ram voltage in bios to make it stable
  2. What's your MOBO's model?

    All the I7 900 series has IMC capable of DDR3 1066, anyway if the motherboard supports more than that, there will be no problem running 1333/1600 MHz RAM (you can even run it up to 2100 through OCing).

    The maximum amount of memory must be supported by the MOBO at the first place, then the CPU and most X58 chipsets support up to 24 GB of RAM...i guess there should be no problem running 12 GB of RAM.
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